Chemical Peels & Facial Treatments


Chemical peels rejuvenate the skin by reducing sun damage, fine lines, pigmentation, thickened, rough skin as well as treating problematic, congested skin conditions.

Cosmedix peels use chirally corrected ingredients which reduce the likelihood of adverse reactions.  They are suitable for all skin types and use natural botanical ingredients as well as medical strength solvents to achieve great results.

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Choice of peels include Benefit, Blueberry Smoothie, Lactobotanical which is a specialised formulation of Lactic Acid and Nicinamide to lighten and rejuvenate the skin, offering a boost in antioxidants and exposes fresher youthful skin. The peels are best performed every 10 to 14 days approx. Speak to one of our experienced clinicians for more information and consultation (03) 8686 5786.


Light strength peels

“Lunch time peels” are excellent for resurfacing and to re-texturize the skin with little or no downtime.  The skin appears refreshed as the desiccated dead skin cells are removed, leaving the plumper, fresher cells

 Blueberry Smoothie & Pomegranate

These refreshing peels are  fast and effective offering a cocktail of antioxidants and mildly stimulating peels to give you a refreshed glow.  

 Benefit Peel

Benefit peel is a mild peel which uses purified Vitamin C and Retinol AGP complex - Vitamin A to nourish, mildly exfoliate, and stimulate collagen to produce a radiant, healthy glow.  This is a Vitamin peel/ infusion which boosts anti oxidants in the skin and assists in combating free radical damage.

 Phytotretinate Peel

A synergistic blend of chirally corrected ingredients, salicylic acids and plant derived retinoic acid to produce a moderate depth, detoxifying peel treatment that destroys bacteria, heals acne lesions and is anti inflammatory.

The result is a smoothing and exfoliating medical strength peel that is excellent for acne or any impure skin conditions.  A course of 3 is recommended at weekly intervals.

 Lactic Acid Peels 30- 40%

These light peels, not only remove dead surface cells but brighten and hydrate the skin. Some flakiness may be seen 2 to 4 days post peel, then a radiant refreshed skin is exposed.


Medium strength peels

These medium strength peels require preparation and post peel treatment.
Due to individual differences, patients will experience peeling at varying degrees; obvious sheet like shedding of the skin (similar to post sunburn), or mild flaking for a period of 7 days or anywhere in between.

Timeless / Timeless Rx Peels

Timeless is a moderate depth anti-aging peel with 30-40% Retinol AGP complex to generate immense activity in the skin. It increases cell turnover, hydrates and removes layers of dead skin. 

It is common to experience sheet peeling of the skin post this peel. It is important to follow pre and after kit product application.  


TCA peel (tri-chloracetic acid)

TCA is a man-made chemical based on acetic acid. TCA stands for tri-chloroacetic acid and is one of the original chemical skin rejuvenation peels.
Superficial TCA Peels are designed as mild to moderate peels. Their strength, and therefore peeling effects can be increased, by layering the applications. The peel depth is dependent on the patient's skin type, skin condition and desired result. TCA peels are recommended for all ages wanting to improve sun damage and or signs of ageing.

Glycolic Acid Peels 20% - 50%

Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid. Used to treat mild to moderate sun damage, signs of ageing, pigmentation and loss of elasticity.  Depending on the skin condition, various strengths are used to obtain desired result.  Glycolic acid peel preparations are also recommended for fine lines, brown marks and dry spots (solar keratoses) which can improve with regular applications. Glycolic acid may also prove helpful for those prone to acne. This peel is often used for hand rejuvenation.


Facial Treatments

Medical Skin care

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·         Enzyme Therapy treatment

This treatment can be used for face or body areas.  It  is a specialised facial treatment which decongests, stimulates detoxification and oxygenation of the skin by stimulating peripheral circulation and lymphatic flow. It removes impurities and desiccated dead cells and exposes fresher younger skin cells.

The facial treatment may include the following:

Enzyme exfoliation – facial treatment incorporates very mild enzymes which exfoliate the skin and prepares for the enzyme therapy mask application.

Enzyme peeling – specialised facial treatment incorporates enzymes which digest the dead thickened outermost layer which impedes penetration of active ingredients. This treatment is most often precedes application of the Enzyme therapy mask.

Enzyme banding – tightening skin treatment. Several types of Enzymes are used to lift and tighten the skin.



  • Advanced Vitamin Skin Therapy

Advanced penetration of vitamins A, C, E, antioxidants and growth factors to rejuvenate the skin

Enhanced penetration of essential skin vitamins A, C, E Beta-carotene and anti oxidants to replenish depleted skin vitamins caused by free radical damage through ageing, sun exposure, pollution and to optimize skin rejuvenation. Developed by renowned South African Plastic Surgeon Dr Des Fernandez 




Iontophoresis uses electrical energy to encourage ions from topically applied active products to penetrate deeper into the skin.  Active products used are essential vitamins and other anti oxidants, as well as some peeling agents. This advanced method of penetration is often used in conjunction with IPL Photorejuvenation, medical microdermabrasion, skin peeling and before & after surgery to intensify and maintain the rejuvenation process.