Diathermy Skin Tag removal

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This method uses thermolysis to cauterize and coagulate

  • cherry angiomas (red spots)
  • sebaceous hyperplasia
  • milia
  • skin tags
  • xanthelasmas 

A fine probe is used to cauterize benign skin lesions.  Mild stinging sensation is experienced with this treatment. An anaesthetic cream can be applied for 30 minutes approximately prior to treatment.

The area develops a fine crusting over the next few days which heals over the following week or so.  We highly recommend applying esters of Vitamin A and Vitamin C to assist in the healing process.  A follow up appointment is made to assess the area treated and to re-treat if necessary. 

Permanent removal is usually achieved; however the treatment does not prevent other lesions or vessels to develop particularly in sun damaged patients.  Skin exhibiting signs of sun damage are likely to require maintenance treatments including Laser rejuvenation.

The treatment is fast, effective and affordable.  Call (03) 8686 5786 for more information