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Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre is a pioneer in Laser hair removal technologies and now offers the most advanced laser systems using Mixed Laser Technologies, both 755 and 1064 wavelengths together in every pulse! The Laser clinic has been located in the CBD for almost 30 years and is renowned for providing exceptional service and offering the latest in laser technologies and treatments. The Melbourne Laser clinic offers safer, more effective, yet affordable laser hair removal treatment.

Our Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre offers a variety of Laser technologies including the most advanced mixed laser hair removal technology to suit all skin colours: from pale skin to very dark skin; including Indian and Afro-American skin colours. Whether you have hair growth concerns such as hormonal facial hair or simply want to remove your unwanted hair, our clinicians will offer you expert advice and a treatment plan to suit your particular needs.

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Our senior clinicians have almost 30 years professional experience and over 20 years using medical grade Laser technologies. Our Dermal clinicians have graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor degree specializing in Dermal science and Laser therapies.

Which Laser technology does our clinic use for hair removal?

Offering you only the best Medical Grade Lasers and IPL Technologies available

Our clinic offers the widest range of laser hair removal technologies. So, depending on the combination of hair colour and texture, whether you are dark skinned, light skinned or any where in between we will have the best medical laser or the most advanced mixed laser technology available to treat you. Our clinicians have extensive experience in treating all skins including asian and indian skin colours.

Now using the most advanced Mixed Laser Technologies: Duetto MT harnesses the gold standard lasers 755/1064 both together to optimize results and decrease the number of treatments required.


755nm Alexandrite Laser         

The Alexandrite laser is used for laser hair removal for hair on fairer skin types. The 755nm wavelength has a very high attraction to the melanin (pigment) in the hair bulb. This causes selective destruction and is more effective than other lasers in fair skin. It is also able to target thinner or finer hairs as a result of this higher attraction to melanin.

As it has such an attraction to melanin it is therefore not suitable for darker skin types and thus it is limited to fairer skin types. Whereas, the ND Yag Laser has a longer and deeper wavelength to bypass the melanin in the skin surface and therefore is ideal for darker skin types. Overall, the 755nm wavelength is the ideal laser for laser hair removal on fairer skin types and can also remove finer hairs than the 1064nm wavelength.

1064nm Nd:YAG Laser       

The 1064 nm wavelength Laser has less attraction to melanin compared with the Alexandrite 755nm wavelength. Due to this lesser affinity to melanin this wavelength is unsurpassed in its ability to penetrate deep within the skin to reach coarse dark hairs which grow deeply. The other advantage of the 1064nm wavelength is its ability to treat hair on all skin types, even the dark skin types.

In fact, the 1064nm wavelength is the safest wavelength for the treatment of olive to dark skin types. It is this lesser attraction to melanin that gives it a larger margin of safety when performing laser hair removal on darker skin types as it bypasses the surface colour of the skin. Fine hair on darker skin types is more effectively treated with our Medical IPL.


IPL Technology (525-1200nm)

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, it is an intensified light source as is Laser Technology, however IPL is a broad spectrum of light rather than one wavelength of light.  This allows for greater versatility in the application of treatment.

Our clinic uses EpiLight ™ , a Medical system which is the most powerful IPL system in the industry and gives proven results. With extensive scientific studies and proven clinical efficacy, it was granted FDA approval (Federal Drug Administration of America) and certified by the Australian TGA.

The spectrum of light used ranges between 525nm-1200nm wavelengths depending on the IPL system and the light filters. Different light guides or filters (ranges of wavelengths) allow our clinicians to target a variety hair colours and texture as well as certain skin conditions. Unwanted hair can be removed, ingrown hairs can be treated and associated pustules and pigmentation. It allows more customizable treatment parameters than any other IPL system on the market, this translates to attaining your optimal results. 

Combined with a selection of filters to customize the wavelengths chosen to treat specific hair colour and texture, The Epilight™ medical IPL is the most versatile and powerful Intense Pulsed Light system ever made. The Epilight performs permanent laser hair removal and photorejuvenation. Per the Federal Drug Administration's independent research, the Epilight™ is the number one IPL hair removal system for permanency. In comparison to other IPL systems the Epilight™ always has access to the full range of IPL wavelengths and therefore allows more customizable treatment parameters than any other IPL system on the market.

The EpiLight’s versatility allows for the treatment of all skin types from very white to dark skin types.

Our Dermal Clinicians are not just trained in laser but have Laser light theory and practice including Laser safety at university level of education.  Our extensive experience using laser technology will provide you with the best possible outcome and ensure your safety is not jeopardized.


Understanding Light tissue interaction

  • IPL or Laser hair removal  is a non-ablative treatment; it has no down time.
  • The IPL or Laser used has a Photothermal effect; in this process the photons (small particles) of light are absorbed by chromophores (colours within the skin). The energy from the photons increases the motion of the molecules in the tissue therefore raising the temperature within the tissue (the conversion of light energy to heat). The heat destroys by coagulation or ‘melting’ the target.
  • An epidermal surface temperature of 40-48 degrees C and a dermal temperature of 55-65 degrees C is required to effect the target (pigment or hair). With a powerful system this is achieved quickly and efficiently and painlessly.
  • By pulsating, this IPL technology breaks up the light energy to create a skin cooling effect so that the skin’s surface is spared from the higher thermal temperatures. Laser intergrated cooling systems are also used to cool the epidermis.


IPL and Laser Treatment for unwanted hair

  • The treatment area is cooled prior to treatment, then with IPL a cool clear coupling gel (similar to ultrasound gel) is applied to guide the light and to protect the surface of the skin.  Our Lasers have advanced cooling technology which keeps the surface of the skin cool and you comfortable.
  • A ‘flick’ or ‘zap’ is typically described as being the sensation from IPL and Laser treatment.
  • Specific Laser eyewear or solid eye shields are used to protect the eyes from the luminosity of the intense pulsed light or the Laser beam.
  • A cool post treatment gel containing aloe vera is applied post treatment.
  • Some hairs may dissolve immediately; others will fall out within 7-10 days for thick terminal hairs or up to 2 or 3 weeks for finer hairs.
  • We recommend that treatment is performed within 6 to 8 weeks on the body or 4 to 6 weeks for facial hair.
  • Hair grows in cycles and have various stages, so a course of treatments is necessary to effectively treat an area
  • 5 - 6 treatments is generally the average requirement to treat the majority of hair follicles in a given area, as treatment is only effective on hairs which are in anagen stage(the growing stage). The percentage of anagen hairs will vary from one area to another such as face and legs and also between individuals. So, the number of treatments required to achieve optimal results, will vary according to the hair cycle of the area to be treated and in some cases may require additional or maintenance treatments. A consultation with one of our Dermal clinicians is important to assess your particular hair / skin type and to recommend an appropriate treatment program.

Is IPL or Laser Hair Removal a Permanent removal or Permanent reduction?

Permanent hair reduction means that the majority of undesirable hairs will be destroyed and not re-grow. Potentially, it may leave a smaller percentage of finer or light vellus hair.  Pigmented hairs are permanently destroyed and the finer less pigmented hairs normally reduce and achieve long term removal. Clients enjoy the freedom of not worrying about the embarrassment of hair.  
Permanent hair removal indicates that the area of treatment will be eventually void of all types of hair. This is achievable with combining our medical grade Lasers with our advanced IPL technology; requiring the use of various filters and clinician’s expertise. Some remaining white hair or insufficiently pigmented hairs are likely to require some additional electrolysis to complete the course of treatment.


Can IPL or Laser Hair Removal successfully treat excessive hair growth in poly cystic ovarian syndrome patients?

  • Drawing from our vast experience over the years in treating Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome patients, we can safely say that the condition can be successfully treated with our medical grade IPL and Laser systems.  Our clinicians work in affiliation with medical specialists dealing with hormonal problems and are experienced in treating patients with PCOS hair growth concerns.
  • Some patients may be required to commence hormone therapy or the contraceptive pill to stabilize hormonal balance.
  • Patients who wish not to commence hormone therapy will still achieve removal of the unwanted hair, however they are likely to require additional treatments and maintenance when new hairs appear.

Can ingrown hairs be treated?

Dramatic results are seen in patients with ingrown hairs from waxing, shaving (razor bumps) or tweezing.  Curly hair is most likely to grow inwards when broken, cut or pulled out.
Inflammation is often associated with ingrown hairs and it frequently produces large blemishes, pustules or cysts.  There is often subsequent scarring and pigmentation. 
IPL treats ingrown hairs by removing the cause (the hair) and stimulating healing through gross dermal heating with its red / infrared light as well as by targeting pigmentary changes.

Our medical IPL is the most powerful and most effective treatment for ingrown hair problems.  Our Medical system is not limited in treatment selection; the systems parameters are variable so that treatments obtain the best possible result.

Laser Hair Removal Prices

IPL / Laser prices depend on areas treated and combination of areas: for Hair Removal prices and Photorejuvenation prices please call our clinicians or take advantage of your free consultation (03) 8686 5786


Unfortunately in the last few years some overseas manufacturers have seen the lucrative potential to distribute cheaper IPL systems in the beauty and hairdressing industry.  These IPL systems are produced with limited capability resulting in cheaper prices yet achieving less desirable outcomes. Beware of unqualified personnel , safety may be compromised.

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Electrolysis is useful on hairs which are non-responsive to laser treatment; hairs which are insufficiently pigmented at the root, grey or white hairs.