Laser Skin Treatment

Laser Treatment

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Albert Einstein initially conceived laser technology in 1917. Only recently however have advances in Cosmetic Laser technology allowed us to rejuvenate the skin without invasively burning it.  By using the latest in Laser Technologies and Intense Pulsed Light Technology we are now able to rejuvenate a skin which has signs of sun damage using gentler non invasive laser treatments.

Lasers are used to correct skin conditions caused from UV damage, aging and used for the correction of several skin disorders. Uneven skin colour problems occur as a result of sun damage to skin. The body tries to protect itself from ultraviolet radiation by producing melanin which is the brown pigment in skin. The lighter and thinner the skin the more likely chronic UV exposure will cause damage. When this effect occurs evenly, it is known as a suntan. However, as damage results over time the uneven manifestations of this are freckles and age or sun spots. Blood vessels also become damaged and may initially show redness and eventually become permenantly dilated red capillaries. Larger or deeper veins appear purple or blue in colour such as those on the legs.



Nd YAG Laser 1064nm

Nd YAG Laser uses a specific infra red wavelength 1064nm to effectively treat;

  • Facial capillaries - fine red, purple or blue
  • Leg Veins - red, purple or blue 
  • Rosacea
  • Port wine stains 
  • Melasma (hormonal pigment)
  • Rejuvenation - sun damaged skin
  • Acne/Scarring


  • Unwanted hair and is particularly safe for darker skin types

Alexandrite Laser 755nm

Alexandrite Laser uses a wavelength 755nm and is known for its use in Laser Hair removal.

  • Unwanted hair -  optimum absorption into melanin - For all hair types, including the finer & lighter hair types.


  • Freckles
  • Dyschromia
  • Poikiloderma
  • Sun spots
  • Age spots
  • Brown birth marks


Medlite C6 Q-Switched Laser : Nd:YAG   532nm &  1064nm 
& MultiLite Dye Lasers   585nm & 650nm

Suitable for all skin colours

The Medlite C6 laser is a safe, premium-engineered, aesthetic laser designed for versatility and effectiveness in a wide variety of applications.

The Medlite C6 has four wavelengths in one laser, 1064nm, 532nm, 585nm and 650nm. These wavelengths add flexibility to the numerous tattoo colours.

It is best known for its PhotoAcoustic effect, a combination of high power and nanosecond pulse widths that deliver peak energy throughout the layers of the epidermis faster than the normal relaxation time of the tissue. The result is a safe, effective way to harness peak power.

Applications that can be preformed include: Black, Dark Blue and Red Ink Tattoo Removal , Epidermal and Dermal Pigmented Lesion Removal, Wrinkle reduction,  Acne Scar Reduction and Sky Blue and Green Ink Tattoo Removal


Laser Skin Toning

- Pore cleansing & reduction


- Rejuvenation ; colour and texture


Medlite C6 Q Switched Laser is optimal for skin toning. The signs of ageing can be corrected with a course of Laser treatments : improving skin colour, texture, pore size and laxity.

Non-ablative laser skin toning with the Medlite C6 Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser improves the quality and texture of the skin through the subtle heating of dermal layers, which stimulate collagen regeneration. Combining Laser toning and fragmentation of uneven pigmentation assists in evening the skin colour and texture. The result is a gradual, natural improvement through a series of treatments which cleanses pores, reduces pore size; improves fine lines, wrinkles and acne, leaving the skin vibrantly rejuvenated.


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