Scar Revision

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Types of scars :

Atrophic scars - indented, pitted or sunken scars.

Contracture scars - this type of scar occurs frequently after burns, affectling movement in and around the area.

Hypertrophic scars - often red, raised scars. Often, these scars are mistaken as keloid scars.

Keloid scars - often red , thickened mass of fibrotic tissue which overgrows beyond the original injury.

Stretch marks - this type of scar occurs when the skin is stretched rapidly; such as teenage growth spurt, pregnancy or simply weight gain.

Different types of scars respond to different treatment modalities. Often several modalities offer a better result than one treatment alone.


Scars we treat are:

Our Dermal Clinicians are qualified and experienced in the treatment of scars and scar remodeling.


 Surgical scars:


Plastic surgery scars are usually fairly undetectable, however occassionally they may result in red or hyperpigmented , thickened and rope-like scarring.

In these instances laser is the treatment of choice; used to reduce the colour, thickness and improve texture.



Traumatic & Burn Scars:




Scars acquired through accidents and burns are treated to improve healing, improve their appearance;

both colour and texture as well as the flexibility of the tissue.

Existing scars are treated by stimulating the healing processes in the skin. Micro wounding is necessary to re-model the scarred area.

Various techniques are used depending on the type and age of the scar.

New scars are treated immediately with Low level laser therapy when sutures are in place or post suture removal

to achieve the best possible result.

Both new and old scars are treatable;

Fractional Laser resurfacing

Medical Skin Needling



Acne Scars:




Acne scarring is treatable with a variety of non surgical modalities depending on the type of scar.

Most commonly, acne scars are indented, raised and/or pigmented.

Traumatic scar and Acne scar treatments may incorporate any one or a combination of modalities:

Moderate to severe acne scarring will require treatments with  Skin Needling or Fractionated Laser resurfacing


Mild acne scarring including brown/red marks will respond to a course of medical IPL photorejuvenation  , Q Switched Laser toning  

and specific Laser treatment including any active acne lesions.

Other modalities are often incorporated depending on the individual condition: Medical skin needling, Medical microdermabrasion,

chemical peeling, Laser treatment,  Low level laser therapy and silicone gels for hypertrophic/ keloid scars. 

It is essential that our Dermal clinicians assess the type of scar and plan a program that is individualised.


An appointment to assess the scar and to discuss treatment modalities available can be made online or by phoning the clinic on (03) 8686 5786